Wednesday, January 6, 2010


the shocking news blasted out of cable--TV--satellite--radio--cell phones--internet--
Tiger Woods has committed adultery--did I hear right? was that ADULTERY?---O.M.G.!---
WOW!!! his faithfull wife at home--and America's hero is out studding it up with cocktail waitresses--porn stars--and other beautiful girls eager to throw their bodies at the world's greatest golf player--who also just happens to be a billionaire! now why would girls want to do that? WHY?

and Tiger---is this the same Tiger with that youthful innocent face?--that heart warming boyish grin?--that nice sweet young kid with the fairy tale career and marriage? you're sure it's the same Tiger we see in the news all the time?---smiling--looking so gentle and carefree?--THAT TIGER? I need lasik! my eyes deceive me

can you believe it? can you REALLY believe it? one young guy--his only weapon a golf club and a small round bal---